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Starting with Solr4.0, the RELOAD command is implemented in a way that results a “live” reloads of the SolrCore, reusing the existing various objects such as the SolrIndexWriter. As a result, some configuration options can not be changed and made active with a simple RELOAD…

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No, you’re misunderstanding the setup. Each replica has a complete
index. Updates get automatically forwarded to _both_ nodes for a
particular shard. So, when a doc comes in to be indexed, it gets
sent to the leader for, say, shard1. From there:
1> it gets indexed on the leader
2> it gets forwarded to the replica(s) where it gets indexed locally.

Each replica has a complete index (for that shard).

There is no master/slave setup any more. And you do
_not_ have to configure replication.

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